it's a sick game you play.
you grow your roots so deep within people,
and once you are satisfied,
you watch as you neglect to water and 
offer sunlight to the same seed you used to nurture.




Oh what a feeling, to be surrounded by you

To feel your gentle fingers in between mine

To feel your comforting warmth,

As our legs slowly entwine.

Our sleepy eyes meet, as we wake to the sun

I breathe your scent in

Our hearts begin to beat as one.

I lick my lips,

The one’s you like to softly chew

Your tender energy filling the room

Oh what a feeling, to be surrounded by you.





Lost but not forgotten

I promised myself I would find you again

I see a glimpse of you every so often

But you never stick around long enough for me to enjoy you

I have looked under the messiness of my past

I have tried to find you in the hopes of my future

I have tried to force you upon my face

But, it never really is the same

Smile, please do not hide any longer